Hi there! Welcome to my website.

I’m Patrick, a passionate photographer who has been traveling and taking photos for over 20 years.

Travel and portrait photography is what I do, is what I love. My style is clean, authentic, and bold. I aim for the natural beauty, strength, and pride in the people I photograph.

I want to share my perspective and emotions, inspire others to see things differently and to show the beauty surrounding us. On this website, you can find some of my favorite photos and learn more about my style. Shooting on location and outdoors makes my soul sing and am open to travel where assignments take me.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.


RedBull Media House, Deutsche Post, O’neill, Binda Group, IDM Südtriol, Tolimit, Y1, Arys, Terre des Hommes, State of Wow, , Terra Institute, Thomaseth

Taking a photograph is a way of exploring the world and myself.

When I take a photograph, I feel a sense of connection with the subject, whether it is a person, a place, or a thing. I try to see beyond the surface, to capture the essence, the emotion, the story behind the scene. I feel a surge of creativity, of curiosity, of wonder. I feel a challenge, to find the best angle, the best lighting, the best composition. I feel a satisfaction when I press the shutter button and freeze a moment in time. To me, this is a slice of reality that can be preserved and shared.